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    Five ways to prepare your company for Agile ways of working

    Many organizations go into Agile assuming it to be a “silver bullet” for numerous business management issues. Managers may have attended conferences or read articles where forward thinking companies, such as Amazon, Netflix or Toyota, are held up as positive case studies. This creates an expectation of success and – more often than not – the assumption

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    Why project managers need to invest in developing essential skills and professional behaviors

    Technical competence is no longer enough to be a great project manager. In today’s new world of work, technical knowledge and ability need to be aligned with the right essential life skills and professional behaviours in order to be truly successful, according to Kara Flanagan: Gone are the days when technical skills were the only

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    How to Apply Project Management Skills to Achieve Digital Transformation Success

    Survival of the fittest takes on new meaning in a digital world. Interestingly, while startup disruptors like Airbnb and Uber are dominating headlines, many established companies like Caterpillar, Deer & Co. and DuPont are using analytics and other tools to reinvent themselves. Many of these “disruptors,” that is, organizations using game-changing technologies like AI, IoT,

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