Harmony Business Systems implementation Services has been dedicated to assisting our clients assess, select, prepare for and manage the implementation of enterprise technology systems.

We know what it takes to successfully choose and implement the right Business software solution for your business. Our Business System implementation service offerings not only utilize universal best practice methodology, tools and techniques but represent our focus on every task necessary to ensure our clients achieve the most business benefits possible from their Business systems.
Based on the needs of the client organization, we will recommend the use of various professional project management processes and tools designed to:

  • Keep the implementation on schedule,
  • Manage project costs,
  • Manage project vendors, and
  • Help avoid problems and ensure a successful implementation.

Harmony help clients with the following Business Systems Implementation Initiative:

  • Solutions Business Blueprint
  • Organizational Readiness Assessment
  • Product and Vendor Evaluation and Selection
  • Independent Project Management
  • Project health check/Audits
  • Post Implementation Review
  • Audit system

Before you have even selected a Business system, it is critical to define how it will support your business. Today’s software packages are extremely robust, flexible, and provide a multitude of potential business process variations. Business Blueprint services will help ensure that you select and implement the software in a way that supports your business operations and organization, ultimately saving you time, money, and risk while increasing business benefits.

Below are some of the activities that Harmony will guide you through during the System Business Blueprint phase of your project.

System Business Blueprint Activities

  • Define software vendor technical scope and system requirements
  • Define business process workflows, identify improvements, and start implementing process changes
  • Define roles and responsibilities in the new Business system environment
  • Define a business benefits realization plan, including KPIs and performance improvements
  • This service will ensure that client implementation will be done with minimal risk and business processes will be supported by the new system.

Organizational Readiness Audit is the ideal first step for Organization to take in its business system Project Initiative. This helps organization to understand its current Readiness level and have an action plan to be fully ready to implement the Business system Project successfully.

Harmony best-in-class Readiness Assessment services helps institutions reduce risk and increase the likelihood of a successful Business System implementation process. As a result of this service, institutions are equipped with the tools and information necessary to ensure they are fully prepared for their Business system implementation. Our consultant teams spend time on organization interacting with key personnel and collecting information that allows us to help the institution define, organize, staff, budget, and plan the system implementation.

Our Readiness Assessment Will assist:

  • Define Project Scope
  • Identify Realistic Project Costs
  • Develop Project Staffing Strategies
  • Establish a Project Timeline
  • Identify Potential Risks & Preventive Strategies
  • Develop Project Communication and Training Plans

Product & Vendor Evaluation & Selection is one of the key steps for Organizations to take in their Business Systems Project Initiative. This would ensure that the Organizations have decided on the right Product & Vendor to realize the complete benefits from their system Investment.

Good care is taken during the evaluation & selection of the right system product & Vendor ensures brighter chances of the project implementation success.

Our Product and Vendor Evaluation and Selection Services Will Help You:

  • Identify Functional and Technical Requirements
  • Develop an RFP Document and Scoring Rules for Evaluation Purposes
  • Implement a Reference Checking Process
  • Develop Scripts for Product Demonstrations
  • Conduct Fit-Gap Analyses
  • Create a Decision Process for Selecting the Final Vendors

Project Management, a very critical step, would facilitate the Client & Implementation Vendor teams work together and ensure that the Systems Project Implementation is completed within the agreed timelines and budget

Harmony has professional project managers that help organizations prepare for and manage critical projects.

As a vendor-neutral firm, Our consultants have many years of experience working with the leading software providers. Our highly skilled, PMP®-certified project managers have provided independent project management for institutions across the nation, and our services have helped reduce risk, increase the quality of project deliverables, and save costs on large project implementations. With a vision to dramatically improve the use of professional project management tools in organizations, Harmony offers a number of project management services to help keep your project on time and within budget.

Our Project Managers Will:

  • Facilitate Detailed Planning Sessions with Key Stakeholders
  • Build a Comprehensive Project Charter to Define and Scope the Project
  • Develop a Project Organization with Roles & Responsibilities
  • Create and Monitor Dependency-driven Schedules For All Project Phases
  • Structure and Organize, Project Focus Teams
  • Develop and Implement Project Communications and Training Plans
  • Identify and Address Change Management, Teamwork, and Leadership Development Needs

Harmony uses Project health check/Audits as an opportunity to uncover the issues, concerns, and challenges encountered in the execution of a project. It affords the project manager, project sponsor and project team an interim view of what has gone well and what needs to be improved with the project to successfully complete it.

If done at the close of a project, a Project Audit can be used to develop “success criteria" for future projects by providing a forensic review. This review will provide an opportunity to learn what elements of the project were successfully managed and which ones presented some challenges. It will also help the organization identify what it needs to do so that mistakes are not repeated on future projects.

Each of our project health checks and audits include:

  • A comprehensive review of all project documents including the business requirements, scope statement, project plan, project risk assessment, change requests, communication, stakeholder analysis, etc.
  • Meeting with all members of the project team, both individually and as a team.
  • Meeting with the sponsor, customers and other stakeholders, functional management and vendors, consultants and/or suppliers who have a direct impact or influence on the project.
  • A review of all project processes, tools, documentation, and other directly related reports.

Our post-implementation reviews identify both the strengths and the opportunities for system optimization and improvement in internal controls subsequent to “go-live". We include these in an overall report detailed to a level appropriate for internal use and summarized accordingly for your audit committee.
Specific areas of focus for Pre and Post Integration Reviews include:

  • Project Objectives Review – During long system integrations it is easy to lose track of the original project objectives. We can ensure that the new system is properly fulfilling all requirements of the business users.
  • System Testing Review – We will review project testing documentation (Quality Assurance and/or User Acceptance Testing) to ensure that all risk-areas were included in testing and properly passed testing prior to implementation.
  • Data Validation – Data can be lost or corrupted during the implementation of a new system. In the event of a system upgrade, we can validate that all data was migrated correctly and that nothing was lost in the process. We can also test the interface between systems to ensure that all data is being correctly transferred to the new system.
  • Application Security – We can investigate the security controls around the system to ensure that access is appropriate and that there are no conflicts.
  • Controls Documentation – New systems will require new controls for policy and Standards Compliance. We can identify and document all the controls used in the new system, and outline plans for how to test them.

Ensure that investment in a new Business System is up right for you. This service is for those who own a system and whether it meets their current and future business requirements. Before making the decision to change the system is better to present audited system. It is possible that some development of the system, negotiated with the supplier of, you can satisfy it. In this way you will not have to make an investment in a new system.