Information technology is a critical asset for your organization. When aligned with business objectives it serves to release the value that exists within your organization. And yet, when it is allowed to drift, it places the significant risk on the effective and efficient deployment of resources.

Successful businesses know this already and have a value-based perspective to managing their assets and understand the importance of effective risk management. They have recognized that the principles they have already established for corporate governance are equally relevant for IT. By adopting these principles, they know that the management of their IT functions fit, seamlessly with the disciplined management practice that exists across their organizations.

The purpose of IT Consulting Services

IT Governance directs IT Endeavour’s, ensuring that the performance of IT meets the following objectives:

  • Aligns with the enterprise and delivers the promised benefits
  • Enables the enterprise by exploiting opportunities and maximizing benefits
  • Resources are used responsibly
  • Related risks are managed appropriately

Harmony’s IT Consulting Services

Harmony Consulting can support you through the whole process of IT Governance – design of the IT Governance model and its implementation, ongoing adjustments and – of course – results.

Harmony Consulting has established a set of best-practice tools that our experienced consultants use and, where necessary, adapt them to your specific business needs.Business-focused IT governance framework implementation

  • IT strategy scorecards that build and systematize effective metrics derived from business objectives
  • Project Portfolio management methodologies to optimize control of IT resources according to value
  • ITIL process methodology to design IT processes for the Businesses
  • IT audits for measuring the “As is” efficiency of your IT organization and for identifying operational risks

Helping You Do Right Things Right!
IT governance helps firms define who is responsible for what and how IT decisions are taken. It enables IT to adhere to business objectives and maximize value from the investment. It can protect against failures that result from the misalignment of IT and business strategies. There is no single governance model that fits all organizations across all geographies or sectors. Some organizations give their CIOs a place on the board – or at the executive level; others set up governance committees to drive IT; others lack a formal governance structure but embed their CIO more centrally within the corporate structure.

Why IT governance
IT governance delivers competitive advantage through the identification of the ‘utility’ and ‘innovation’ components of IT, steered by the CIO to create value. Whatever the maturity of your existing IT governance, we can help you take the next steps in building and strengthening it.
IT governance – How we can help
Harmony’s IT governance services can assist with and advise you on the development of an efficient and effective ICT organization and processes by aligning IT with organizational objectives. We help to realize the promised benefits of IT through exploiting opportunities and maximizing benefits, increasing efficiency/automation, decreasing costs and reducing complexity. We also advise on the design of an appropriate sourcing strategy.

Information Technology (IT) is changing many aspects of the business. It is a critical mechanism to lower costs, increase effectiveness and efficiency, as well as providing value-add and interacting with customers and suppliers. It is however very important that the IT strategy is aligned with the business strategy to ensure that IT support becomes an integral part of an organization’s growth.
Key to developing an effective IT strategy is recognizing that IT is an enabler for the implementation of business requirements. Business requirements should therefore always be the driver behind any IT investment – and the resulting business benefits should be clearly measurable.

We have developed a global IT strategy development methodology which has been tried and tested on several projects locally and globally. As illustrated below, we help clients to realize the strategic technological change in three high-level stages, namely:

  • Gaining insight regarding the organizational objectives and drivers, as well as understanding the business processes that may impact on the achievement of the organization objectives
  • Constructing IT architectures that will support the organization. These architectures include information, applications, technology platforms and organizational design
  • Identifying and specifying the investments and strategy required to implement the constructed architectures

In a world of intense competition, business-critical information must be assured and protected.

Information is one of the most critical assets of any organization, if not the most critical. Just like other important business assets, it adds value to an organization and consequently needs to be protected. It becomes even more important to protect it constantly as it keeps growing at a rapid pace and that also on a daily basis.
Harmony’s Information Security Services deliver comprehensive, enterprise-wide security assessment, design and deployment services to help you build effective information security solutions. Harmony security consultants can show you how to implement security best practices that can reduce online threats to your critical business assets.

Information Security Services from the experts
Harmony Security Services’ security experts help you build effective security programs that enhance your business operations and improve your security posture. They can help you:

  • Mitigate security threats to business operations
  • Proactively address security issues before they are exploited
  • Comply with regulatory guidelines
  • Lower operating costs through the consistent deployment of security policy and procedures
  • Provide secure extensions of business applications
  • Improve productivity by optimizing security efforts for efficient management and maintenance
  • Shorten implementation cycles for new security solution deployments and software updates
  • Limit the impact of security incidents with advanced preparation and incident response

All successful businesses integrate technology (IT) into their organizations’ operations. Whether your business is large or small, you are exposed to internal and external risks due to your information technology solutions. Information technology risks are ever changing and must be managed for an organization to remain confident in the security and control environment.

The world of IT audit today requires breadth and depth of technology skills that are seldom found in one resource. Accordingly, many organizations rely on the diversity and depth of skills that only a firm like Harmony can bring to the table. Each resource possesses technological skills within various specialties such as infrastructure and security, ERP systems, database management, UNIX, Windows, project management, application security, or business continuity etc.

Harmony’s consultants have vast knowledge and expertise in the information technology audit area. We can help you manage your risks and provide an evaluation of your organization’s information system’s availability, confidentiality, and integrity.

Harmony’s consultants can help your business with the following features (click on each link for detailed information about specific services)

  • ERP Quality Assurance
  • Pre & Post Implementation Reviews
  • Application Security & Control Audits
  • IT Governance Reviews
  • IT Security Assessments

Project Management is one of the pre-eminent business skills of the 21st century, not least because an increasingly complex and competitive business environment demands a professional and reliable approach to change.
At Harmony, we understand the challenges facing today’s organizations and are on hand to help with practical business orientated solutions.

  • Project Management Capability assessment
  • Project Health Check/ Audit
  • Project Office Reviews & Implementations (PMO)
  • Method Development
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Project Recovery
  • Project Orientation workshop
  • Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solutions

Harmony Business Systems implementation Services has been dedicated to assisting our clients to assess, select, prepare for and manage the implementation of enterprise technology systems. Our services are built upon proven methodologies and best practices in technology and organizational planning. We work with our clients to customize our approach to best fit any unique requirements they might have. As a result, Harmony delivers exactly what is required by our clients.

We know what it takes to successfully choose and implement the right Business software solution for your business. Our Business System implementation service offerings not only utilize universal best practice methodology, tools and techniques but represent our focus on every task necessary to ensure our clients achieve the most business benefits possible from their systems.

Our methods, assets, and tools based on best practices, offer clients flexible delivery options that can be adapted to different cultural environments, project size and scope, and timeliness.

Based on the needs of the client organization, we will recommend the use of various professional project management processes and tools designed to:

  • Keep the implementation on schedule,
  • Manage project costs,
  • Manage project vendors, and
  • Help avoid problems and ensure a successful implementation
  • IT Project Delivery Services include
  • Business Solution Blueprint
  • Organizational Readiness Assessment
  • Product & Vendor Evaluation & Selection
  • Implementation Project management
  • Post-implementation review