Information technology is a critical asset for your organization. When aligned with business objectives it serves to release the value that exists within your organization. And yet, when it is allowed to drift, it places the significant risk on the effective and efficient deployment of resources.

Successful businesses know this already and have a value-based perspective to managing their assets and understand the importance of effective risk management. They have recognized that the principles they have already established for corporate governance are equally relevant for IT. By adopting these principles, they know that the management of their IT functions fit, seamlessly with the disciplined management practice that exists across their organizations.

The purpose of IT Consulting Services

IT Governance directs IT Endeavors, ensuring that the performance of IT meets the following objectives:

  • Aligns with the enterprise and delivers the promised benefits
  • Enables the enterprise by exploiting opportunities and maximizing benefits
  • Resources are used responsibly
  • Related risks are managed appropriately

Harmony’s IT Consulting Services

Harmony Consulting can support you through the whole process of IT Governance – design of the IT Governance model and its implementation, ongoing adjustments and – of course – results.

Harmony Consulting has established a set of best-practice tools that our experienced consultants use and, where necessary, adapt them to your specific business needs.Business-focused IT governance framework implementation

  • IT strategy scorecards that build and systematize effective metrics derived from business objectives
  • Project Portfolio management methodologies to optimize control of IT resources according to value
  • ITIL process methodology to design IT processes for the Businesses
  • IT audits for measuring the “As is” efficiency of your IT organization and for identifying operational risks