Green IT Foundation looks at how to implement sustainability practices in an organization. Candidates are shown where and how to apply green IT in their Service Management Processes. They also learn how to apply the maximum amount of green IT solutions in their organization, and continuously improve them.
Organizations and governments are looking for smarter, greener and more efficient ways to work and live. A cost-effective, sustainable and intelligent approach to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) isrequired to meet these challenges.

  • Working more efficiently and lowering the costs of IT services. ‘People’, ‘Process’, ‘Technology’ and ‘Measure & Manage’ make up the most important tools for organizational transformation and applying SMART / Green IT.
  • Reduce their ecological footprint.
Target group

Green IT Foundation has been created for individuals such as IT professionals, business analysts, sustainability managers and business managers. It is recommended to have at least one year of experience in an IT environment. Although designed for IT professionals, this qualification is ideal for other non-IT professionals who require a basic understanding of the subject area – such as Managers for Corporate Sustainability, and Procurement.

Course Outline

  • Understanding Green IT
  • Lifecycle management
  • Optimizing the Infrastructure
  • IT as enabler
  • Governance and processes for Green IT


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