Course Overview
ISO 31000 Risk Manager training enables you to gain comprehensive knowledge of the fundamental principles, framework and process of Risk Management based on ISO 31000. During this training course, you will also gain a thorough understanding of the best practice of Risk Management and be able to effectively apply them in an organization in order to successfully implement a Risk management process.
Who should attend?
Managers or consultants responsible for the effective management of risk within an organization
Individuals seeking to gain comprehensive knowledge of Risk Management concepts, processes and principles
Advisor involved in Risk Management
Learning objectives
Understand the fundamental concepts and principles of ISO 31000 standards
Acquire knowledge on how to apply the risk management principles to ensure the effective implementation of a risk management process based on ISO 31000 and other best practices
Comprehend the approaches, methods and techniques used to manage risk within an organization
Learn how to interpret ISO 31000 recommendations regarding the design and implementation of a risk management framework
Educational approach
This training is based on both theory and best practices used in Risk Management
Lecture sessions are illustrated with examples based on case studies
Practical exercises are based on a case study which includes role playing and discussions
Practice tests are similar to the Certification Exam
A fundamental understanding of ISO 31000 and comprehensive knowledge of Risk Management.
Exam Duration
2 hours
Course agenda
Day 1: Introduction to risk management principles and framework based on ISO 31000
Day 2: Risk management process based on ISO 31000
Day 3: Risk assessment techniques based on IEC/ISO 31010 and Certification Exam

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