Information Technology (IT) is changing many aspects of the business. It is a critical mechanism to lower costs, increase effectiveness and efficiency, as well as providing value-add and interacting with customers and suppliers. It is however very important that the IT strategy is aligned with the business strategy to ensure that IT support becomes an integral part of an organization’s growth.
Key to developing an effective IT strategy is recognizing that IT is an enabler for the implementation of business requirements. Business requirements should therefore always be the driver behind any IT investment – and the resulting business benefits should be clearly measurable.

We have developed a global IT strategy development methodology which has been tried and tested on several projects locally and globally. As illustrated below, we help clients to realize the strategic technological change in three high-level stages, namely:

  • Gaining insight regarding the organizational objectives and drivers, as well as understanding the business processes that may impact on the achievement of the organization objectives
  • Constructing IT architectures that will support the organization. These architectures include information, applications, technology platforms and organizational design
  • Identifying and specifying the investments and strategy required to implement the constructed architectures