Course Overview

This 2-day course builds on each delegate’s previous MSP knowledge and experience. It provides delegates with the opportunity to build the skills needed to approach the MSP Advanced Practitioner examination with a measure of confidence.

Course Objective

This course will develop the assurance of the delegate in terms of their responses to dealing with changes during the life cycle of their programme.
By achieving MSP Advanced Practitioner status, delegates will demonstrate their ability to understand the status of a programme and provide solutions for the way forward using the MSP methodology and their programme management skills.

Course Benefits

  • At the end of this course you will be able to: review and understand the standard ‘MSPCare’ case study supplied for the Advanced Practitioner exam delegates
  • Ensure that they provide answers which reflect their experience and abilities in programme management in the Advanced Practitioner examination.

Target Audience

This course is designed for those who have had experience in programme management roles, eg Senior Responsible Owner, Programme Manager, Business Change Managers, Programme Office Manager.


Delegates need to be MSP Practitioner registered at the time of sitting the MSP Advanced exam.You must bring photographic identification on exam day (passport, driving license or student card) as it is an examination requirement to produce it for the invigilator prior to the exam. Failure to produce a valid form of photographic identification may result in a candidate not being able to sit the exams

About The Examination
Exam Techniques

Exam techniques required to pass the Advanced Practitioner exam:

  • Understanding of questions
  • Required answer elements
  • Use of the MSP manual and MSPCare scenario to present answers


All delegates will sit the MSP Advanced Practitioner examination at 1pm on the last day of the course. Please bring along photo ID on the day of your exam. The exam format is as follows:

  • Essay based
  • Three hours duration
  • Up to 3 questions
  • 75 marks available
  • 38 marks or more are required to pass (50%)

Open-book (other material in the form of course notes, examples, copies of presentations, etc. can be used during this examination but no electronic aids, such as laptops, may be used).


All MSP Practitioners and/or Advanced Practitioners should be re registered within 3-5 years of their original certification.
The format of the Advanced Practitioner Re-registration is:

A 2000 – 4000 word ‘dissertation’ (suggested target 2500 words) on a specific subject (selected from a range of topics) demonstrating application of MSP. It would ideally be based on a ‘real life’ programme that the candidate has worked within. If this is not possible (if a candidate has not recently worked within a programme or their programme contains classified information), it would be acceptable to base it on the Advanced
Practitioner Case Study ‘MSP Care’. There are no time restrictions imposed on this dissertation. The dissertation will be marked out of a possible 75 marks with the candidate needing 38 marks to achieve a pass. Should the candidate fail the Reregistration, feedback will be provided. The candidate is permitted to update and re-submit their paper, however should this second attempt be a fail and detailed feedback is given then the candidate must submit a new paper. Instead of the re-registration paper, a candidate also has the option to sit the full Advanced Practitioner examination to re-register at this level.