This five-day course provides delegates with a thorough understanding of the internationally recognised and best practice programme management methodology. Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®), providing the skills needed to confidently use to manage programmes in line with strategic aims of a business and its day to day running.

Course objectives

By the end of this learning, delegates will have the skills to be able to identify and document the vision of a programme, thus aligning it to the strategic aims of the business. They will also be able to coordinate the projects of a programme to ensure the correct application of resources and risk, issue and change management. Delegates will be able to interface the programme with the day to day business to ensure the smooth transition of changes delivered by a programme into business as usual activity and ensure that the benefits that the programme was designed to deliver are achieved.


Delegates should ideally have experience of managing or working in programmes prior to attending. Knowledge of the PRINCE2® project management method is advantageous but by no means mandatory, but some exposure to a project management method will aid understanding of how the programme works with these projects. Equally, anyone wishing to attain industry-leading programme management qualifications should attend these courses.

Delegates will learn how to

  • know facts, terms and concepts relating to each theme
  • understand how each governance theme relates to the principles
  • understand the approach to the treatment of each governance theme
  • appreciate how each governance theme is applied throughout the transformational flow
  • understand the responsibilities involved in each governance theme
  • apply and tailor the relevant aspects of each governance theme to a scenario, when creating or reviewing products or making decisions related to each theme, in any or all of the processes
  • identify, analyze and distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate application of each governance theme throughout a programme scenario
  • Practitioner preparation and application of MSP


  • Candidates require a minimum of 35 correct answers (50%) to pass. The MSP Practitioner exam consists of:
  • 8 questions, each worth 10 marks each. Total of 80 marks
  • Objective Test Examination format – a style of complex multiple-choice examination.
  • 2½ hours duration
  • Candidates require a minimum of 40 marks (50%) to pass.